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Best phones to buy under 60k

A friend in need is a friend indeed. The same is true for our smart phones. We  can rely upon them while going to work in a jam pack metro, while driving and avoiding horrible traffics, while celebrating, shooting, hiking, emergencies etc. It helps us talking to our buddies while celebrating, it captures the best moments of our life, it acts as our personal assistant, our camera, our music system, our portable theatre system, as a calculator and many more. In short, we hold them with us for almost all the time right from morning alarm till bed time music. While selecting our best buddy, our smart phone, we come around with many options and rule them out one by one depending upon our need, our budget and accessories availability.

Our first and foremost criterion is, no doubt, budget! When it comes to premium segment, we often choose to spend up to 65K to have a hand on flagship phones like iPhone 11, iPhone XR, Samsung S9, Samsung S8 and Samsung S8 plus. Once we decide to fix a budget for our choice of phone, we often look for second criterion which is availability of accessories like tempered glass, protective covers, back covers for these iPhones and Samsung phones. This is the most critical decision we make after buying a phone as you may see iPhone 11 and iPhone XR comes with both back and front glass which needs to be protected by a suitable cover or case which will not only safeguard the phone but also add to its beauty and protect its back camera lens projection assembly. When it comes to Samsung S9, Samsung S8 and Samsung S8 plus, we may notice the side curve design that Samsung has made to beautify its premium segment phones. But it comes with a danger to slip out of hand when handled with loose holding or grips. In order to protect our hard earned money, we look around for the best cases and covers which may fit into its curves and don’t spoil its beauty.  


For that matter we at Casemetics can truly fulfil all your requirements from providing protection to your phones to beautify its look. We have wide range of mobile covers and cases ranging from medium cases to premium cases, which are of high end quality and looks extremely beautiful when it is added to the phone. You can completely rely on our cases for the protection of your phone as the quality we provide for the cases are of superior quality.