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How to pick the perfect phone case to protect your smart phone?

How to pick the perfect phone case to protect your smart phone?

When you buy an amazing smartphone of your preference, it becomes very important to keep it protected. Most of us spend a lot of money on the phone but not enough on the covers that protect it. A cover may make your phone a little bulky but it makes it less prone to cracks, bumps, dents, and protect your phone screen from shattering.

Let us help you decide the perfect mobile case for your phone with a little information, a lot of different prints and designs are available in the market, maximum of them protect your phone from scratches and smudges, the good ones also protect your smartphone from dents, bumps, drops and any other type of physical damage. A complete guide to help you.



This is the form factor which is one of the major decisions you have to make regarding a mobile case. As it is important to find a strong cover that offers protection but is also beautifully designed.  The different and common types available are

Standard/ back cases- these are slim cases that protect the back and sides of your smartphone, while leaving full accessibility of the screen. This is a go-to design for many people as it is lightweight, good protection, and accessibility, it comes in a variety of colours, plain, printed, and transparent.

Tough/ rugged cases- they emphasis on protection over style so they are made with multiple layers of different materials for maximum effect, these cases are specially designed to protect your smartphone from scratches, drops, knocks, some might even give protection from water and dust for some exposure time. 

Bumper- super lightweight and minimalist case which usually leaves the back and front of the phone exposed, as it only covers the sides of the phone with shock-absorbing material, giving it protection against bumps. Sometimes the bumper cases have a transparent back, which helps to show-off the colour and design of the phone.

Flip/folio cases- they open like a book, they cover the back and every side and corner of your smartphone. They can add weight giving an edge to edge protection and also don’t allow rapid access to phone screen as one part of the cover is covering the screen, sometimes they even offer other features like a pocket or card slots or stand while giving excellent screen protection. They can be used like wallets too.

Pouch- they are quite protective, unique, and simple, completely envelops the smartphone from all sides, keeps it safe from scratches and smudges. They aren’t smartphone specific and can be used for multiple reasons like storing debit cards or cash rather than phone. They are not attached to your smartphone, you need to take your phone out of the pouch to use it, and usually, that’s when drops or knocks occur.

Battery cases- they act as emergency chargers, these cases have a battery inside them to do that, but that battery makes them heavy and bulky. So along with the designs, checking the power capacity is also important on these.



Smartphone cases are majorly made of different types of plastic but there are many other materials that are also used, most common choices are –


Silicone/ gel/ rubber- these cases are soft, flexible, and affordable. They provide moderate protection, textured cases offer a good grip, which prevents the phone from small accidental drops or slipping off.

Polycarbonate / TPU- these are the most common plastic cases, they are hard, impact resistance, and offer great protection from scratches. TPU cases are smoother and softer and little less ideal for impact resistance. These materials are mostly used in designing printed cases, as they offer more intricate and sophisticated designs than silicon, where the back of cases are made of hard TPU, whereas the sides are of smooth polycarbonate, multiple layers of these materials provide even better protection.  

Leather- these are majorly used in Folio, flip, or wallet-style cases. These cases age well and offer more classy and luxurious feel than those made from plastic, but can be a little heavier than them. This category offers expensive genuine leather cases and also synthetic leather alternatives.

Aluminium- metals are rarely used in smartphone cases as they affect the wireless signal strength but with some clever engineering or mixing different materials this can be eliminated, aluminium bumper cases offer excellent rigidity, scratch resistance, strength, and less impact resistance than a more flexible material.



Mobile cases have some added features which personalize the user experience, this allows you to do some new things with your phone. Like doubling up as a wallet, or battery charger, or acting as a stand for the mobile phone by deploying a kickstand or folding the back case in a certain way. One of the features is a selfie stand which allows the user to take better-lit photos, as it has forward-facing lights, or some cases even have some built-in tools which help you in survival in extreme conditions. Some cases even include a mount that allows you to affix your smartphone to a car's vent, magnetic holder, your belt, or even your finger.



Spending some on your phone case is a good idea, as it saves your money spent on repairing a damaged phone. We hope we were helpful, and you can explore different beautifully designed phone cases on our website also.