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Tips to help you beat smartphone addiction

Tips to help you beat smartphone addiction

Smartphones happen to be among the best inventions of our generations, it’s like practically having all the answers on just a touch. But we as the generation rose with improving technology every day and having been so used to having smartphones, smartphone addiction is becoming a real problem. According to a psychology professor, Larry Rosen, who is also the author of “The distracted mind” said, “Most people check their phone every 15 minutes or less, even if they have no alerts or notifications,” This research also shows that besides increasing anxiousness, the compulsion to check notifications or interact with other or just checking others feeds, affects hugely on the ability of the person mind to focus, he also says that “We’ve built up this layer of anxiety surrounding our use of technology, that if we don’t check in as often as we think we should, we’re missing out.”. FOMO or the fear of missing out takes a grip and makes us waste time. 

When we obsess over our smartphones while doing absolutely anything else, even we know we should stop. And you here reading about some tips which can help in getting yourself DE addicting is the proof that you too like me have identified the problem and are ready for the solution. Identifying the problem is the biggest step; now let’s talk about how to control the need to take the phone along even in the washroom. 

Make a schedule

This is most the most basic, easiest thing you can do. For weaning yourself off from your phone, just set alarms, specifying how often you do check your phone. Like, have an alarm every fifteen minutes initially then move it to 30 minutes or even 45 minutes then to every hour. Just pick your phone up when the alarm rings, spend a restricted amount of time like five minutes, and go through any or all notifications and reset the timer.

This is the best way to reduce response anxiety and to hold you accountable. You can even inform your friends and family about the same so that they don’t get worried about delayed responses.

No phone on the bed

There can be nothing simpler than this; it is not at all a great idea to use your smartphone once you are in bed. There are so many reasons; the most basic one is that is messes with your sleep hormones with the amount of blue light it creates. To just keep your phone on the table before you come to bed, it will also be great for your health plus it will slowly bring down the urge to compulsively check it. This also means waking up with an actual alarm clock, or anything else, because if it’s your phone which wakes you up, you are even more tempted to check it as the first thing in the morning.

Reduce the alerts

Turn off maximum 'push notifications', so that your phone only alerts you of the important stuff, you don’t have to, have a light-up alert even for every like your picture got or new release on YouTube or podcasts. The huge number of alerts from all these push notifications every few minutes just become a source of distractions. So delete all the unnecessary apps and clean your phone from all the apps which tempt you to stay longer on your phone and for the rest, turn off the push notifications for a maximum of them from your settings. Having the phone ring just for mails, chat app messages and calls are enough.


No phone with food.

Always make sure to not use your phone while having meals, it even makes the eating process slow and distracted and also come out as rude if you are with someone. Rather talk with your company.

Put a good amount of effort into the lock code.

It will just discourage you to get in your phone for things which are not worth the effort, also keep changing it regularly so that you don’t get too comfortable with it.

Use the airplane mode.

When you are working on something important and know you don’t have time to get distracted, either leave your phone outside the work station or put it on airplane mode, no disturbances, and no urges to check.

Digital detox


Do a digital detox, by staying away at least a day of half a day from your phone, once a week. Use that time to be in nature, take, make art, keep yourself busy and do something other being on your phone for at least half a day to start with

Remember it’s a long process; slowly you will reach there, have patience and be slow on yourself. We aim to reach a balance and not go back to the Stone Age completely. So use the technology for what its good in but always have your limits too.